Make a Difference

Volunteer! It’s fun and rewarding

We wouldn’t be able to undertake projects such as the reclamation of Ottawa’s Pinhey Sand Dunes without help. We rely on volunteers to lend a hand. Typically, we’ll assemble a crew of volunteers on weekend mornings in spring, summer and fall to work, usually for 2-3 hours. The work is manual, sometimes hot and gritty, but inevitably, a team spirit quickly develops. So it can be hard, but it’s also fun.

Some volunteers come regularly, others occasionally and our ages range from 10 to well into the 70s. We are always glad to see old friends and welcome new faces.



The sand dunes benefit from our dedicated supporters. And we like to think our volunteers get a lot out of the experience as well. As a volunteer you learn about natural history—in the field. You work side-by-side with scientists and naturalists—a great opportunity to learn by doing. And we can’t help but notice: those who come out begin to develop a deeper appreciation for the importance of biodiversity.

How to volunteer

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