Biodiversity Conservancy International

Conservation of Life on Earth

Biodiversity and habitat loss largely due to human activities have driven the planet Earth, the home of all living things including us, on to the brink of irreversible destruction. The current trend of climate change that threatens the livelihood of all living things is another human caused global problem. Biodiversity Conservancy International joins the worldwide effort to undertake programs contributing to the preservation of species, habitats, the environment and the life support systems on the planet Earth.

We are active in three main areas:

Research & Publication

We publish “Biodiversity,” a peer-reviewed publication, to help disseminate scientific information in this critical field.

On The Ground Conservation

We undertake specific conservation projects to help protect important habitats and species. One of our major projects involves restoring part of the prehistoric sand dune system in Ottawa, Canada.


We promote wider knowledge and understanding of biodiversity issues through on-site, hands-on learning, presentations, workshops and this web site.

You can help

Biodiversity Conservancy International receives funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF), TD Bank Friends of the Environment and The City of Ottawa’s Community Environmental Project Grant Program (CEPGP), for which we are most grateful. But that can only take the work so far. We rely on volunteers and donors. All donations are tax deductible. See how you can help.