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Biodiversity: Journal of life on Earth

Since the year 2000, Biodiversity Conservancy has published an international quarterly journal: Biodiversity, Journal of Lfe on Earth

The aim of Biodiversity is to raise an appreciation and deeper understanding of species, ecosystems and the interconnectedness of the living world and thereby avoid the mismanagement, misuse and destruction of biodiversity. Articles are written for a broad readership including scientists, educators, policy makers, conservationists, science writers, naturalists and students. Biodiversity aims to provide an international forum on all matters concerning the integrity and wellness of ecosystems and the diversity of species.

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Call for manuscript submissions: a double issue on Food, Agriculture and Biodiversity. For more information in a PDF file please click here


Recent Issue - December 2016, Volume 17, Issue 4 



Earlier issues

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(Some archives and citations may note that the journal Biodiversity was published by Tropical Conservancy. Please note that Tropical Conservancy was the former name of Biodiversity Conservancy International.)









































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