We are based in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and will be pleased to consider requests for educational programs in and around the area. One of Biodiversity Conservancy International’s objectives is to undertake educational programs to increase awareness of the importance of biodiversity and conservation. Our educational programs include talks, seminars, hands-on exhibitions, and excursions to natural habitats, conducted by our scientists and naturalists.

Spring-Summer-Fall 2019 Program

During Spring-Summer-Fall 2019 in Ottawa-Carleton, Ontario, Canada, Biodiversity Conservancy International is providing free, on-site interactive educational programs to study dune biodiversity and ecosystem for students (from elementary school to university), youth organizations (scouts, summer campers…) and adult groups. Free yellow bus transportation to Pinhey Sand Dunes (study site) is provided to groups of at least 15 people on the basis of first come first serve. This program is sponsored by the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.

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Gallery of Past Educational Events

Bringing Nature to Classroom

Classroom seminar

Hands-on snake demonstration
Students learn about reptiles
Spider demonstration

Bringing the Classroom to Nature

An on–site education at Pinhey Sand Dunes (Photo: T.D. Trinh)
Learn, understand, appreciate and protect at an on-siie interactive education session at Pinhey Sand Dunes (Photo: T.D.Trinh)
The future protectors of dune habitat, biodiversity and ecosystem (Photo: T.D. Trinh)
“I am not scared, It is my friend that is desperately in need our help for continuing to have a place to live.” (Photo: P.T. Dang)
This well-camouflaged spider, Arctosa littoralis, is hardly visible on the dune surface. School children love to handle the spider this way (Photo: P.T. Dang).
Reptile demonstration
A lesson on the unique dune habitat
A small but important dune inhabitant